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Behind The Scenes

Posted by Administrator on 9/9/2012 to Lingerie
Hello World! I hope you are not falling sick due to the hazy weather in Singapore. We found some old photographs taken behind the scenes when we were developing our store 3 months back. Thought I'd share it with you :)

Black Lingerie
This one was taken when we were having a teleconference with our factory to let them know that we were unsure if the material in the background was suited for Asian weather. Beautiful fabric, but too thick for night and sleepwear/lingerie. We settled with confirming the black Cami design and a lace garter belt.

Cami and Teddy
This one was taken right after we confirmed the supplies for Camis and decided to bring in more blacks than pinks.

Sexy Thong
We took this photo to show & visualise how our sexy thongs/panties/G-string would look when packaged together.

Sexy Lingerie
Part of the reason why we spend so much time checking the packing sizes and weight is to ensure that we select the most optimal shipping method so that we can pass on the cost savings to our customers. If you hadn't noticed, our shipping method is seamless where customers do not have to worry about the weight of their items. For local orders, shipping costs is pegged per item and option for Registered Tracking is also available. We use proper packing material and some customers have been surprised by random gift packings :). Parcels are also packed discreetly. So far, almost 80% of our customers enjoyed the Free Registered mail shipment via promotions and upon a small minimal value. We believe lingerie should be affordable too!

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