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Hello, I am the Lingerie Diva!

Posted by Lingerie Diva on 8/4/2012 to Lingerie
Hello world, I would like to introduce myself as the Lingerie Diva. I will be posting in this blog as often I can about lingerie and anything else that tickles my fancy ;) I love lingerie, fashion, photography and anything artsy.

I am the Lingerie Diva!

First up, why do I love lingerie? Lingerie spices up my life. I used to think that only beautiful women who look like models can wear corsets and babydolls well. But boy, was I extremely wrong! The first time I tried on a piece of lingerie-sleepwear, I was about 22 years old. I had been walking past this little shop that carries cute little lingerie everyday for almost 1 week. One fine day, after work, I stopped by and bought a cute little number. When I tried on that satin piece, I was completely sold! I felt womanly, beautiful and confident of myself. It was a liberating experience as I felt beautiful. I was 22, and that was the start of my lingerie hunt.

As I am fairly petite, I find babydolls and evening slips with a nice lace thong or a simple G-string the best combo for me. I can't help looking at myself in the mirror after I slip into one. I love it that we are able to celebrate women, and yes, the curves of a woman!

I slip into something different every night. For most people, the practical thing to do is to doll up in the morning and keep to a dreary pair of PJs at night. Well, I don't quite like that idea because I love feeling beautiful even when I sleep. I do make sure that the lingerie I buy are not trashy. There is a difference between being naughty and being trashy. I keep more of the classic cuts and most teddies I have are in blacks. But I do have a few pieces bordering on naughty and playful. ;) But never trashy.

My babydolls come in many designs, I love fly-away babydolls, as they are easy to wear and they fit me perfectly even if I'd gain a couple of pounds here and there. If you have thicker waist or bigger thighs, you should opt for babydolls. They create an illusion of a slimmer body and elongates the legs. I have babydolls in laces, animal prints and satin. One of my favourite piece of babydoll lingerie, which I had for almost 5 years is a royal blue lace piece with a square faux acrylic diamond embellishment at the front. This is the piece of babydoll I wore when I got the news that I was going to be promoted in my job. It still remains as my "Lucky Doll" till today.

Do you have a "Lucky Doll" too?

And do you love lingerie as much as I do?

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