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Incorporating Corsets into Fashion

Posted by Lingerie Diva on 8/19/2012 to Fashion
Wearing a corset fashionably is quite tricky as we don't want to look too OTT or Harajuku-ish. In the punk rock years of 1990s, corsets were incorporated into gothic-inspired clothing (think shiny Dr. Martens and dark kohl-lined eyes), but how many of us dress that-a-way?

Pairing corset with different skirts or pants can give you different results. Let me share with you a few of my favourites so that you can wear corset and not look like a punk rocker!

I like how Anne Hathaway paired her top with a black tulle skirt as this combo creates a beautiful hourglass silhouette. Black is a slimming colour and since the corset tightens and holds your figure, the effect is fantastic! Refer to the photo below, where Anne was photographed in an Oscar De La Renta piece at the 63rd Tony Awards in 2009. Black corset is a safe piece to keep in your wardrobe as it is timeless and easy to pair.

Black corset

If you are one who prefers sweet floral colours, a black corset is also a great piece to pair up with flowery pastels. Think princessy, tulle, flowers and pretty ribbons. I've put up a few pieces in the ensemble below. Really love that pair of Vera Wang slingback heels!

Princess corset

I was a little adventurous and tried pairing a corset with jacket to my workplace. The results were great as many people commented on how gorgeous my top looked, without realising that it was actually a fashion corset! Who would have thought that you can wear a corset to work in a corporate environment? Check out another fashion ensemble I've put up, you can use for office wear. The black pencil skirt is from Guess by Marciano and black peplum jacket is from Dorothy Perkins. You need to make sure that not too much flesh is exposed when you wear a flowery or lacy corset. Top it off with a plain jacket, keep it as simple as possible. The key is to look classy and not tacky.

Office Corset

Well, what about normal casual or day wear? Try the combo below. Skinny jeans or jeggings would work with a basic plain corset. Simple accessorising like pairing with clutch bag and pumps work wonders. Remember not to pair a corset like the one below with a super short denim skirt or hotpants as it is really fashion faux pas!

Day corset

Interesting? Try it on! You'll love it!

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