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Know Your Panties

Posted by Lingerie Diva on 3/4/2013 to Sexy
It's been a while since I last posted an article. Panties - simple word, but confusing at times. Brazilian cut, hip-huggers, thong, g-string, cheeky panty, boyshorts, tanga....hmm...what else? Does it really matter? Yes it does, because you ought to know what you're looking for as each type sits differently on your rear-end. :)

Below is our Panties 101, if some of those words above sound foreign to you.

Briefs: The most standard of women undergarment, they rise to the waist and provide full coverage in the rear.

Bikini: Sits on the hip and provides full front and rear coverage. Usually with narrow sides, and string bikinis use string-like bands.

Boyleg/Boyshorts: Yes, in reference to shorts that boys wear, they are styled after the male briefs. They tend to sit on the waist and look like shorts.

Hipsters: Pretty similar to briefs, but worn slightly lower with the waistband sitting comfortable at your hips. Sometimes known as hiphuggers.

Tanga: They cover the rear fully and has thin side strips. Usually made of elastic bands that sits snugly on waist.

G-string: One of our favourites. It is like a thong with no rear coverage ;P The narrow strip behind extends up to its waistband. Women love it as it manages the VPLs (visible panty lines) when a tight party dress is worn.but does not go down as far on the thighs as boy shorts.

Shape wear panties: These are specially designed to provide support, lift and slims down your stubborn parts, They are usually made of elastic material such as lycra or spandex.

So there you go! And if the above is too wordy for you. Check out our pictorial guide below.

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I hope you know your panties now!

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