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Shanghai Blues

Posted by Lingerie Diva on 11/4/2013 to History

Pearl of the Orient

What is it with Asian women that have taken the western world by storm? In this decade of yellow fever, the exotic mysticism of the Far East kept many interested and intrigued.

No Idea Yet?

No idea what I’m talking about? Think Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution set in 1940’s Shanghai or Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood for Love set in 1960’s Hong Kong. Old Asian glamour was all about the figure-hugging cheongsams Maggie Cheung wore. The dresses boasted of elegance and a subtle sophistication that is so sexy. Lust, Caution also won Best Makeup and Costume Design at the 44th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei. This shows the care and attention given to the way women were made to look.

Oriental Lingerie

Oriental Lingerie

Since silk developed originally from China, it isn’t hard to imagine Asian women used to adorn themselves in this soft and smooth fabric. Imagine silk slips and silk robes that fall gently on the body, sensuously outlining your body’s shape. The fabric only reveals enough sexuality and leaves everything else to the imagination. It is probably why kimono and sensual silk robes are always made of satin or silk, heavily inspired by old-time designs.

Jewelry was also part and parcel of a woman’s physical appearance with jade and other precious stones complementing the outfit. Women also spoke with their facial expressions, enhanced with the help of some makeup. They liked to emphasize their porcelain-like skin with lusciously vibrant-red lips. Their cheeks always had a hint of pink and their eyes outlined with black eyeliner. Hair was perfectly coiffed or curled upward with a few tendrils let loose on the forehead.

Oriental Glamour

The Old Asian glamour look can be adapted to fit today’s modern fashion. If you’re going to buy silky babydolls and slips, choose subtler versions of this season’s patriotic colors. Think off-white, flesh-tone or cream, baby blue or maybe deep dark shades of red. If you want to channel the old Asian glamour vibe outside the bedroom, try going for body-hugging cheongsam dresses in red with matching red lips and a string of pearls.

Remember, it’s more how you hold yourself together than what you’re wearing. If you really want to appear glamorous and sophisticated, be more subdued with slow, calculated graceful movements. Elegance is a state of a mind.

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