When In Doubt, Wear Red

Posted by on 5/10/2014 to Fashion

Red Power & Love

The color of love and power, it’s not surprising that red is associated with confidence and seduction. According to psychologists, this color is the most emotionally intense causing faster heartbeat and breathing. Red connotes glamour in Hollywood.

Proof can be seen at the Academy Awards last year. The most glamorous Hollywood event showcased Sally Field’s pleated red Valentino gown, Olivia Munn’s red and gold Marchesa and Presenter Kerry Washington’s coral satin strapless gown.

What about Red Hairstyles?

Redheaded celebs emphasize the different facets of this color. Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain downplay it with their girl-next-door charm. Scarlett Johansson’s red locks create added seduction. Florence Welch’s shocking red hair emphasizes her bohomian chick style while Rihanna’s reinforces her rebel status.

Don’t forget Kate Winslet as Clementine in Eternal Sushine of the Spotless Mind. Her hair achieved cult status when a huge chunk of Generation Y dyed their hair a similar hue after the movie came out. How about Elizabeth Hurley as the devil in Bedazzled? Her sizzling hot red outfits have been permanently etched in the minds of all the guys who have seen the film.

Looking at the present, even Merida, the star of the animated film Brave, is a fiery red head. When it comes to accessorizing or accenting an outfit, a subtle hint of red can attract just the right amount of attention. It can instantly boost your confidence and make you feel sexy. A red outfit can make it easier for guys, who are visual creatures, to notice you too. We love the daring red on a sexy piece of lingerie.

Also known as the color of danger, it might even suggest a certain playfulness and adventure men love. In planning an outfit, choose one red piece and leave the rest subdued. It could be a red dress with nude shoes, red lips with a sexy LBD or a monochromatic outfit with a red bag. The possibilities are endless. In choosing the correct hue, consider your skin type. For fair-skinned women, it’s best to go with red shades with blue undertones. Orange-red hues flatter darker-skinned women.

Embrace the Red in

Everyone is ready to channel hot hues now that summer is fast approaching. After a long season of dark colors, it’s time to embrace the bright and happy. Not only does red evoke life and energy, it is also a mood elevator. So when you’re feeling down or so-so, paint your nails red or put on a red shade of lipstick and you might just feel better. Using red accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets or shawls are also cost effective ways to brighten your wardrobe.

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